Just the way you'd make it

An imaginative range of prepared poultry products for caterers, including both prepared chicken and prepared turkey.

All are handmade using UK sourced chicken, turkey and duck wherever possible. Preparation is simple requiring, typically, oven baking from frozen or de-frosted.

These are handmade en croute with a variety of sauces in handmade puff pastry.

Poultry en Croute HERE

A selection of breaded and battered chicken goujons and fillets

Coated Poultry HERE

Chicken fillets filled with sauces and stuffing and some presented in a bacon wrapper.

Stuffed Poultry HERE

Large butterfly fillets which have been steeped in rich oil based marinades

Marinaded Poultry HERE

We've had some fun here with unique recipe dishes that taste as good as they look. All are easy prep

Recipe Poultry HERE

Duck and turkey dishes for you here, including our ever popular Turkey Tournedos

Duck & Turkey HERE